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Extra Subsidized Participation (Competitive Participation)

Extra Subsidized participation for the 44th EAFO OncoPathology Course on "HematoLymphoid Tumors" offers a unique opportunity for eligible individuals to attend this event at a reduced cost. This special initiative aims to make the course more accessible to a wider audience, including students, researchers, and healthcare professionals (under 40 years of age) with limited financial resources.


Criteria for extra subsidized participation in the course:​​​​

  1. Age not more than 40 years (As of 30 July 2024)

  2. Motivation Letter

  3. Resume/CV

  4. Letter of recommendation (Optional)

  5. Take part in the online test - The link for the online test will be sent to you separately by the email

To qualify for the Extra Subsidized Participation Category, you have to be under the age of 40 and take part in the online test

You will also be required to fill in an additional form along with the registration form in order to take part in the selection


  • Priority will be given to those whose Abstract (or) Pathology Case has been Submitted/Accepted

  • No Travel Support will be given

  • Priority will be given to the applicants residing in Low & Middle Income Countries (As per World Bank data)  

  • Provide Maximum information in the Application

Participants who qualify for extra subsidized participation will benefit from full access to entire program, including lectures, interactive panel discussions and other planned activities including catering. 

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