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Far Eastern

Far Eastern Federal University is one of the largest universities in the Russian Far East, the country's academic outpost in the Asia-Pacific region. Preserving long-standing scientific traditions and tracking the latest educational trends, we strive to become the best scientific and educational center in the Asia-Pacific region.
The concentration of international educational programs and scientific research on the university campus on Russky Island, the presence of unique equipment, the attraction of world-famous scientists and teachers who master modern educational technologies, allows us to create conditions for training and educating a new generation of motivated and modern-minded young people who are aware of the importance of geopolitical changes of people.
The new campus of the Far Eastern Federal University is rightfully considered the best not only in Russia, but also one of the best in the world. It is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in an ecologically clean area of Russky Island of Vladivostok. This is a real student smart campus: comfortable, bright, hospitable and safe, where students from Russia and other countries study and make friends together.
FEFU's strategic guidelines, approved by the country's leadership, remain unchanged. The university is moving to a new stage of its development, the goal of which is to turn FEFU into the largest educational, research and innovation center in the Far East, attracting talented young people, the best scientists, and high-tech businesses from Russia and abroad.

Marine Hall

Equipped with state-of-art audio-visual and simultaneous translation equipment for all theory sessions and panel discussions

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