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Our Mission

EAFO’s mission is reflected in its motto "Uniting Continents in Fighting Cancer", which emphasizes the need for global cooperation in combating cancer. The core purpose of the organization is to provide and facilitate cancer education by making knowledge accessible to all sections of the society. Though the name of the organization denotes a confined region, its activities and out-reach are not restricted to the Eurasian continent thereby making it an inclusive organization open to collaborations and partnerships from all parts of the world.

About EAFO

Eurasian Federation of Oncology (EAFO) is an autonomous professional organization uniting oncologists, other healthcare professionals, anti-cancer & anti-tobacco advocates, patients, survivors, journalists, policy makers, oncology & anti-cancer organizations and others interested in combating cancer from all parts of Asia, Europe and beyond. The organization has its focus on long-term initiatives dedicated to the health and well being of cancer patients, cancer survivors, healthy individuals, initiatives that foster innovations, collegiality, cooperation and professional development primarily through educational programs

What we do


Multidisciplinary Forums

OncoPathology Seminars & Practicums

Live OncoSurgery Masterclasses

Radiotherapy Seminars & Practicums




Study/Clinical Trials

EAFO is involved in conducting and coordinating pre-clinical, clinical and epidemiological studies.


OncoImaging Seminars

ECRC Collaborative Research Meetings

Cancer Patients Seminars


Oncology Nursing


Seminar & Research Meetings


Multidisciplinary team

The speakers and participants in EAFO events include Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncologists, Diagnostic & Interventional Radiologists, Pathologists, Genetists & Molecular Biologists, Basic Researchers, Family Physicians, Anti-Cancer & Anti-Tobacco Advocates, Patients, Survivors, Policy Makers, Journalists and Politicians.


About Us
Somasundaram Subramanian, Founder & CEO, Eurasian Federation of Oncology, Moscow

Somasundaram Subramanian, Founder & CEO, Eurasian Federation of Oncology, Moscow

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Ongoing education through the EAFO

Ongoing education through the EAFO

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