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Welcome to the 44th EAFO OncoPathology Course at FEFU Campus
Discover the cutting-edge Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) campus, hailed as one of the most advanced in the world. Situated on Russky Island with breathtaking views of Ayax Bay, FEFU offers unparalleled comfort, functionality, and environmental friendliness comparable to top campuses in Europe and the US. The convenient location of the event venue within walking distance makes FEFU an ideal place to stay during the event.

Standard Room

Standard Rooms at FEFU's Hotel Complex offers comfort and convenience at an affordability. Choose from our Single, Double/Twin, or Triple rooms, each offering a cozy retreat for your stay.
Our Single Room provides 19 sq.m. of space with a single bed, nightstand, free Wi-Fi, a television set, desk and chair, wardrobe, desk lamps, telephone, hair dryer, air conditioner, individual cosmetics sets, and a bathtub for your relaxation.
In the Double Room, enjoy the same amenities in a 25 and 30 sq.m. space with the option of a queen size bed or two separate beds (twin).
The Triple Room offers 54 sq.m. of space with similar amenities to accommodate more guests comfortably.

Services in each room include daily cleaning, towel changes, and the option for daily or every three days bed sheet changes upon request. Stay connected with free Wi-Fi and enjoy over 100 cable television channels. Take advantage of our laundry and dry-cleaning services to keep your stay hassle-free.
Each room comes equipped with a hospitality kit containing essential toiletries, slippers, a laundry bag, and more for your convenience. Experience a relaxing and enjoyable stay in our Standard Rooms at FEFU's Hotel Complex.


Explore the Surroundings

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Russky Island and enjoy stunning sunsets and picturesque views. Easily access Vladivostok's tourist attractions like the Voroshilov Battery and Vladivostok Fortress from the Hotel Complex without worrying about traffic delays.


Security Measures

A dedicated security company guards all campus residents 24/7, providing peace of mind during your stay at FEFU.


Campus Accessibility

FEFU campus is designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring all guests, including those with disabilities, can navigate the campus comfortably.


Unforgettable Experience

Join us at FEFU for an unforgettable journey of learning and relaxation amidst world-class facilities and natural beauty. Book your stay now for a truly exceptional experience in Vladivostok.

Stay in luxury at FEFU's Hotel Complex, featuring 241 rooms across five buildings. With Presidential Suites, Regular Suites, and Standard Rooms available, enjoy a seamless experience within walking distance of the event venue. Benefit from 24/7 reception service, airport transfers, and top-notch security for a worry-free stay.


Experience comfort, convenience, and natural beauty at FEFU Campus during the 44th EAFO OncoPathology Course. Enjoy comfortable accommodation, security, and accessibility during your stay in Vladivostok.

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